Fryer baskets

Our company produces nickel and chrome-plated fryer baskets and, upon request, baskets could be also realised in stainless steel. We offer a wide selection of chromed iron baskets, realised with a galvanised welded mesh of 6 mm, which is the best size to avoid the leak of product and to facilitate the outflow of the frying oil. All our products have been studied in order to fit most of the fryer tanks on the market and, upon demand, we could also realise baskets with different sizes, different kind of meshes (f.e. expanded mesh) and with different materials, such as stainless steel. In the following page you find the catalogue concerning our standard baskets, including sizes.


Baskets gallery

Cestelli Friggitrici F4

Model F4
245 x 140 x h100

Cestelli Friggitrici F5

Model F5
270 x 185 x h155

Cestelli Friggitrici F8

Model F8
245 x 220 x h100

Cestelli Friggitrici F8 B

Model F8 B
245 x 220 x h70

Cestelli Friggitrici F9

Model F9
245 x 180 x h110

Cestelli Friggitrici F10

Model F10
300 x 250 x h100

Cestelli Friggitrici F12

Model F12
280 x 210 x h115

Cestelli Friggitrici F15 G

Model F15 G
300 x 250 x h140

Cestelli Friggitrici F15 P

Model F15 P
320 x 127 x h140

Cestelli Friggitrici F101

Model F101
250 x 220 x h100

Cestelli Friggitrici 03

Stainless steel round basket

Cestelli Friggitrici modello Pasticceria

Pastry model
460 x 340 x h120


model base x depth height
mod. f4 245 x 140 100
mod. f5 270 x 185 155
mod. f8 245 x 220 100
mod. f8b 245 x 220 70
mod. f9 245 x 180 110
mod. f10 300 x 250 100
mod f12 280 x 210 115
mod. f15g 300 x 250 140
mod. f15p 320 x 127 140
mod. f101 250 x 220 100
mod. pasticceria 460 x 340 120